Why Nannies Should Read to Kids Each Day

Nanny Confessions: We Must Teach Kids to Love Books I confess, it is sometimes hard for me to make time to read to kids everyday. But, no matter how busy the day gets, it’s vital to read aloud to children to help them learn to love reading. You don’t have to like reading yourself. You […]

Importance of Using Parentese, Not Baby Talk

Reading to Babies In the book Baby Read-Aloud Basics, the authors Caroline J. Blakemore and Barbara Weston Ramirez, explain the importance of reading to babies and using parentese when speaking to babies. The explain, “If you think reading to babies is having a quiet baby on your lap as you read straight from a book, […]

Weekly Trip to the Library

The Practical Guide For Reading Aloud to Children During Their First Five Years From http://www.readaloudguide.com/ Susan Marx and Barbara Kasok, authors of Help Me Get Ready To Read: The Practical Guide For Reading Aloud To Children During Their First Five Yearsexplain that when you read aloud to children you are fostering their self-esteem by creating […]