Hooked On Phonics Discover Reading Baby Edition

Product Review Sunday

We all know that babies have an amazing capacity to learn language. But, there is still debate whether they can learn to read. While it may be possible for babies to learn symbols (like letters) many experts say it’s impossible for them to comprehend written sentences required for reading.

Over the past few weeks on Product Review Sundays we have reviewed programs that claim to help to teach babies to read. But, in 2009 Baby Einstein products were required to give parents a full refund on the purchase price on their misleading “educational” DVDs and currently Your Baby Can Read products have a complaint filed against them that their infant-reading program’s claims are false and misleading.

But, phonics is method of teaching reading, based on sounding out letters to read words. The makers of Hooked on Phonics: Discover Reading – Baby Edition(which is made for children three- to 18-months-old) claim that, “Studies have demonstrated that the best predictor of early reading ability is a child’s understanding of how words are made up of sounds.”

This phonetic system for teaching reading also has a version for babies entitled, “Discover Reading Baby Edition Deluxe.” This method employs singing and reading to enhance vocabulary and memory skills, excite the imagination, and foster a love of reading for the three- to 18-month-old. The program uses books, songs, rhymes, and games.

Have you tried Hooked on Phonics with a baby or toddler?


  1. I didn't try hooked on phonics LEARN TO SIGN for babies until the baby was 11 months old and I wish I had started it earlier. After watching the first disk twice she started to sign on her own. She loves watching them and is completely captivated when it is on. Highly recommend this product or other baby signing time products. I think baby signing is a great way to reduce temper tantrums and misunderstandings.

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