Do You Have a Back Up Plan if You Get Sick?

What Do Your Employers Do if You are Sick?

Last week we discussed children and nannies getting vaccinated by the flu shot. In fact, one nanny shared with us that she lost a babysitting job because she did not have the flu shot.

But, if you do get sick do you and the parents have a back up plan? Relatives, neighbors, and friends all can be sources of backup care in a pinch.

First person most employers call if their nanny gets sick is a local relative. If a grandparent, Aunt or Uncle, or an older niece or nephew lives locally many parents would call them to help out when you get sick.

Next, the parents could try hiring a nanny friend who knows your charges well. Before asking a nanny friend  if she could pitch-in, your employer should call the other nanny’s employer for permission. Of course, your employers would pay the backup caregiver for helping out in out time of need.

Retirees living in your area could also make great backup childcare providers. On our street we have a retired teacher assistant. She is lovely, experienced, loves working with kids, and knows my charges already. Again, she must be paid for her time and energy.

Finally, parents should consider hiring a screened temporary nanny through their trusted local nanny agency. There is a piece of mind in contacting your local nanny agency who interviews their nanny candidates thoroughly if parents need to hire a temporary nanny while their caregiver is sick. If parents have enough time prior to your sick leave, for a surgery or medical procedure, the parents can go online and interview and hire a temporary caregiver from nanny web sites as well.

What is the plan if you get sick?


  1. I ALWAYS work when I am sick. For 15 yrs of nannying and I work when sick because there has never been a back up plan. When I was hospitalized our only back up plan is for one of the parents to stay home from work.

  2. The parents have the grandparents help out when I'm sick or one of the parents stays home from work.

  3. It always amazes me when parents give me sick days in my contract but have no back up plan if I get sick. I always end up working when I'm sick. Relying on friends and family makes them resentful.

  4. The idea of using a temp is the best idea. Family and friends get resentful if you use them. But I'm not sure there are any agencies in my area that place temps. I usually just work when I'm sick.

  5. Never had a sick day because we DON'T have a back up plan. I think it's stupid to let me work with kids when I'm sick but the parents care more about going to work than if I could possibly get their kids sick.

  6. My mom boss just calls a friend of hers who is a mom to help out if I can't come in.

  7. It's made me angry at past jobs when I had to work even when I'm sick. At this job the grandparents pitch in. I never understand why parents would want their nanny to work when she's sick. No point in working since the kids will get sick if you are sick.

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