Nanny Confessions: It is Just Easier to Work When I am Sick

Does the Family You Work for Have a Back-Up Plan in Case You are Sick? If you get sick do you and the parents have a back-up plan? In all the nanny jobs I have ever worked at for the past 20-years the families I work for and I have never had a temporary nanny […]

Do You Have a Back Up Plan if You Get Sick?

What Do Your Employers Do if You are Sick? Last week we discussed children and nannies getting vaccinated by the flu shot. In fact, one nanny shared with us that she lost a babysitting job because she did not have the flu shot. But, if you do get sick do you and the parents have […]

Do You Get Paid Sick Days?

How Would the New NY Nanny Law Effect You? We have been discussing why those who support the Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights are so excited that NY Governor David Paterson is expected to sign the bill into law. This new “Nanny Law” gives domestic workers up to seven paid sick days for full-time workers, […]