Nanny Confessions: It is Just Easier to Work When I am Sick

Does the Family You Work for Have a Back-Up Plan in Case You are Sick?

If you get sick do you and the parents have a back-up plan? In all the nanny jobs I have ever worked at for the past 20-years the families I work for and I have never had a temporary nanny or babysitter backup to fill in for me when I’m sick. And with the stress it takes to find someone to care for the kids, let other workers in the house, getting the kids to activities, helping them with homework, and feeding them what they like, I confess, sometimes I think it’s just easier to work when I’m sick.

Some parents can call a family member such as a Grandparent that lives locally to help care for their kids when their nannies get sick. When in a pinch some parents can try hiring a nanny friend who knows the kids well. Before asking a nanny friend if she could pitch-in, the parents in need of child care should call the other nanny’s employer for permission. Of course, your employers would pay the backup caregiver for helping out in this time of need.

Finally, parents should consider hiring a screened temporary nanny through their trusted local nanny agency. There is a piece of mind in contacting your local nanny agency who interviews their nanny candidates thoroughly if parents need to hire a temporary nanny while their caregiver is sick. If parents have enough time prior to your sick leave, for a surgery or medical procedure, the parents can go online and interview and hire a temporary caregiver from nanny web sites as well.

Typically domestics don’t qualify for the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) which requires employers to provide unpaid, job guaranteed leave to heal from serious health conditions. So nannies should always negotiate to have paid sick days included in their work agreement.

What is the plan if you get sick?


  1. And…..what about vacation time. My family is planning on asking out of town grandmom. I feel a little guilty though

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