Do You Get Paid Sick Days?

How Would the New NY Nanny Law Effect You?

We have been discussing why those who support the Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights are so excited that NY Governor David Paterson is expected to sign the bill into law.

This new “Nanny Law” gives domestic workers up to seven paid sick days for full-time workers, and four paid sick days and for part-time workers. I want to know from nannies if they already get paid sick days?

But, I also want to know if this bill allows domestic workers personal leave. Since I have not seen that the new NY Nanny Law ensures nannies personal leave I assume it does not. If you know if the bill covers personal leave please let us know in comments below.

Typically domestics don’t qualify for the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) which requires employers to provide unpaid, job guaranteed leave to heal from serious health conditions. But, low wage working women need paid time off from work for a wide variety of reasons that may or may not include caring for a sick child, or parent.

Have you ever had to take a personal leave from your nanny job? If you had to take a personal leave of absence, did the family keep the job for you or did you have to find another nanny job?
Have you ever been sick and not paid for the missed days of work?


  1. There is a whole underground economy when it comes to domestic workers. Since most aren't paid on the books if an illegal nanny makes $500 per week, her earning power is up to a third more. For this bill to work, the legislature should increase the child care tax credit for parents to $10,000 per year. Play, Nannies who have been here for 2 years should be given a path to citizenship!

  2. The idead that making legislation to protect nannies, does not a nanny make. Some nannies who do work for fair people can only make $500 a week.Nor should working here for 2 years, possibly illegally does not a citzen make either. Any immigrant regardless of occupation should follow the laws of immigration and the IRS.

  3. Maybe I should be thanking my lucky stars but I was hospitalized 2 weeks this winter than 4 weeks recovery. They held my job hired a temp paid me through it all and they pay my health insurance. I thought that was how all employees are treated but realize how lucky I am now. I obviously work for a great family that respects me. When I started the job they let the nanny I replaced go when she needed 4 week personal leave of absence. So it proves if they value you as an employee they'll keep you through illness or personal leave and if they need an excuse to get rid of you they will find it.

  4. I have always been paid full salary for sick days. But I admit I work most days I am sick.Reyna H NY

  5. Not only do I already get paid sick days the parents "cash me out" at the end of the year if I have no sick days. That wasn't even in my contract!I think for live-ins parents don't understand the need for sick days since you live there anyway all you will do is go to your bedroom and sleep, so just do that when the baby naps or kids are in school. As a live-in I never had a sick day due to that.

  6. I agree with Marissa about live in jobs. This is a huge problem for me and my other live in nanny friends we have been complaining about actually. No, we never get a sick day. It is in my contract I get 7 days sick days but whenever I am sick the parents still go to work. I am thinking sick days mean if I have to go to the hospital or something because I had pneumonia and still worked this winter. But, I didn't do the laundry one week because I was too weak. For live ins you can't call in sick since you live there. I think when we include paid sick days for live ins in our contracts it refers to hospital sick days because if you are healthy enough to be sick at home you still work.

  7. I always have sick days but I know many friends that do not. I even have a friend that's being flexed hours. She's on call 40 hr week but mom only pays her when she calls her in. WRONG. Good thing this nanny law!

  8. I have always had sick days paid, no problem with that.

  9. I always work sick days. I haven't had a sick day if 5 years. You would think the parents wouldn't want their kids around me sick but they haven't caught my flu or cold so I just work.

  10. I get paid sick days and the parents "cash me out" at the end of the year if I haven't taken a sick day that year too.

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