Colored Rice

Rainy Day Sensory Play By Whitney Tang The wind is growling, the rain is cascading, the children are whining. What is a nanny to do after puddle jumping, spontaneous dancing, and storytelling have all been exhausted? Brighten up your stormy afternoon by making colored rice. It’s fun to make and will give grubby little fingers […]

Are Your Charge’s Over Scheduled? Take Our Survey!

What Activities Are Your Charges Engaged In? Do your charges have cell phones, Facebook accounts, and allowed to play freely on the computer? Do they have enough play dates and leisure play time, or do you feel they are over scheduled? Let us know by taking the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter survey. The results […]


Valentine’s Day Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Many nannies and au pairs will celebrate with the children today since many do not work on Saturdays. Children typically bring Valentine’s cards to school to give to their classmates and teachers. It is nice for nannies and au pairs to help their charges make Valentine’s Cards for their […]


How Nannies and Au Pairs Can Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day It is fitting that the first African American will be inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America just one day after America recognizes the civil right’s activist Martin Luther King, Jr. The inauguration will be a memorable moment in […]