Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Many nannies and au pairs will celebrate with the children today since many do not work on Saturdays.

Children typically bring Valentine’s cards to school to give to their classmates and teachers.

It is nice for nannies and au pairs to help their charges make Valentine’s Cards for their parents as well. Common supplies used to make Valentine’s Cards include: red, pink and white construction paper, paper doilies, markers, and glitter pens.

Valentine’s Breakfast to Make with Charges:
Make heart shaped pancakes. After cooking the pancakes simply use heart shaped cookie cutters to create a heart shaped breakfast. Serve with strawberries (or another red berry) and whipped cream.

Valentine’s Lunch to Make for Charges:

It is easy to make heart shaped sandwiches. We roll bread slices with a rolling pin and cut off the crusts. Spread peanut butter and red jelly (such as strawberry or raspberry) on the bread, then put the pieces of bread together making a sandwich. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make heart shaped lunch.

Valentine’s Dinner for Kids:
Heart shaped pepperonis on pizza

Here are some other ideas we love:

Friendship Box

Cookie Bouquet

What do you do with your charges for Valentine’s Day? Do you share gifts?


  1. I do not spend more than a few dollars on cards for the children. I do not buy gifts for the parents since it is too expensive to constantly be buying gifts. Parents usually give me some chocolate or something small. I help the kids make cards for their kids though.

  2. I helped the children make frames with their photos in them for the parents and bought the kids little stuffed animals. The parents bought me a wallet and chocolates for the holiday.Nanny, Denver, CO

  3. As an au pair I make Valentine’s Day about doing stuff with the children and I personally don’t do anything for the parents. I enjoy the arts and crafts and the activities I can do with the kids. I used your suggestions about making meals either red or pink and heart shaped sandwiches. They had fun. I really don’t think I need to buy the parents anything. They bought me flowers and chocolate but they know my low salary and I don’t think they minded at all that I didn’t spend my own money on them. Both the kids and parents appreciate that I am hands-on making crafts with the kids. That’s more important than spending money.M.K. Au Pair from AustraliaWorking in Baltimore Area

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