Types of Meetings for Nanny Support Groups

This week we have been discussing nanny support groups. Here are some ideas for nanny support group activities and meetings.

Nanny Night Out:
A monthly nanny night out should meet at the same night (for example, the third Thursday) of every month.

Holiday Party:
Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and any other holidays can be celebrated at the monthly meetings.

Group Birthday Party:
It is great fun to have a collective birthday party for all members. Everyone should bring a gift and receive one in return.

National Nanny Recognition Week (NNRW):
Celebrate NNRW each year with a picnic or party. Families, agencies, nannies, and charges can be invited.

Educational Workshops:
In-home childcare providers must continue learning to provide quality care. Many nanny support groups offer CPR-First Aid certification, self defense, and childcare workshops.

Professionals are often available to speak or present workshops to nannies about topics important to in-home childcare providers. Some businesses that might be willing to present a workshop or speak to a group of nannies include nanny industry related businesses such as: nanny referral agencies, payroll services, or insurance companies. Authors of childcare books are usually willing to speak to promote their expertise and sign books. Professionals can speak to nannies about child development or child discipline. Since it requires a lot of work to schedule an educational workshop, such events can be promoted just once, twice, or four times annually.


Many nanny support groups have an annual nanny/charge picnic to kick a new year and recruit new members for nanny the nanny support group.

Playgroup Field Trips:
Nanny support group members can organize playgroups to meet at various parks, go to the zoo, dairy farm, pools, and apple farms. Other fun options include police and fire station tours and trips to children’s museums.

Playgroup Theme Days:
For example, a bug theme could include little butterfly nets and containers to keep the caught bugs in. Go on a hike looking for bugs. Have a bubble day where we just let the kids run around chasing bubbles and blowing bubbles. Schedule a bear hunt where the kids looked for a bear and find his paw prints on cupcakes that he left behind at a picnic table.

What are your favorite nanny support group activities?


  1. I would love all of the above!!Sandi Nevada

  2. Sandi, read the articles and comments from other readers over the past few days!! You can start your own group. Ask other groups for advice too!

  3. For aupairs and nannies looking for companionship, anyone can do this. Start with a playgroup or one night out per week with some other ladies. It is a great idea.

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