Do the Parents Respect Your Privacy?

Parent/Employer Checklist Yesterday we discussed how important it is for nannies to respect their employer’s privacy. Today we list the privacy issues parents who employ nannies should consider. 1. Respect fair hiring practices and laws. Do not ask the nanny about their religion, race, sexual preference, and so on. 2. Provide private sleeping quarters for […]

What You Should Do if the Child You Care for is a Victim of Prejudice

Coping with Prejudice by Making Diversity a Part of LifeBy Alvin Poussaint, M.D. and Susan Linn, Ed.D. Children don’t come pre-equipped with reactions to each new experience in their lives. When children are hurt by racial or ethnic cruelty, it is hard to restrain an immediate emotional response. It’s important, however, to try to comfort […]

Talking to Children About Stereotypes

More Topics for Nannies and Au Pairs During Black History Month Seeking Out Differences Since February is Black History Month there is no better time to help teach children to accept others’ differences and reject racist or biased stereotypes. Start by trying to expose children to a variety of influences in their community. Get to […]

Black History Month

Never Allow Teasing or Insults Rather than discussing civil rights and famous African Americans which children will be learning in school for Black History Month, we would like to honor Black History Month as a time for nannies and au pairs to teach children to resist bias and prejudice and embrace differences in others. We […]

Black History Month

Preventing Prejudice in Children By Valuing Differences The terrific graphic to the left is from the Waterloo Public Library, 451 Commercial St., Waterloo, IA 50701 The article content below can be found at February is Black History Month. The children will be learning about famous African Americans and civil rights in school. But, this […]

Is Your Charge a Bully?

FOR THE KIDS: Are you a bully and don’t know it? Maybe you know you’re a bully, but don’t know how to change your ways? Ask yourself these questions: 1. Does it make you feel better to hurt other people or take their things? 2. Are you bigger and stronger than other people your age? […]

For The Kids: About Being Bullied

We have been discussing that adults must never consider bullying in any form as unimportant. To a child, being bullied in any form (verbal, physical, or relationship) is devastating. Once kids have spoken to you, their teacher, and parents about being bullied, there are lots of things children can do to prevent future bullying. First […]

There are no innocent bystanders when being bullied.

Nannies must teach children to help stop a bully. Last week we started the discussion of bullies. In a bullying situation, there are usually bystanders, but they aren’t exactly innocent. Bullying usually happens with other kids around. Having an audience is very important to a bully. She wants people to see what she’s doing, and […]

How Nannies Can Teach Children to Stand Up to Bullies

We can teach children that are being bullied to respect themselves by standing up to bullies. There is a lot of new information about dealing with bullies all over the Internet, journals, and textbooks. The current belief of many child psychologists, teachers, and guidance counselors today is to teach children to stand up for themselves. […]

Types of Bullies

We started discussing how important it is to help teach children to respect themselves and others in July, 2009. Michelle D. a nanny from Fort Lauderdale, FL is trying to help a child to respect herself and stand up to bullies. Michelle explains, “One of the girls I care for is very heavy and is […]