For The Kids: About Being Bullied

We have been discussing that adults must never consider bullying in any form as unimportant. To a child, being bullied in any form (verbal, physical, or relationship) is devastating.

Once kids have spoken to you, their teacher, and parents about being bullied, there are lots of things children can do to prevent future bullying. First we suggested children learn to stand up for themselves assertively click here to see what children can say to bullies to help stand up for themselves.

Here are some more tips from By Lois Flaherty M.D. of the American Psychiatric Association:

1. Don’t walk alone. Travel with at least one other person whenever you can.

2. Avoid places where bullying happens. Take a different route to and from school. Leave your house or school a little earlier or later to avoid the bully.

3. Sit near the bus driver on the school bus or walk with a teacher to classes.

4. Don’t bring expensive things or money to school.

5. Label belongings with permanent marker in case they get stolen.

6. Avoid unsupervised areas of the school and situations where you are by yourself. Make sure they are not alone in the locker room or bathroom.

7. Act confident. Hold your head up, stand up straight, and make eye contact.

8. Brainstorm bully comebacks ahead of time, and practice them in the mirror. That way they will have them ready when they need them!

Reference: Public Broadcasting System, PBS ONLINE® and, 1320 Braddock Place, Alexandria VA 22314.

What advice would you give to children who are being bullied?


  1. My only problem with this is that if the bullying has gotten this bad that the child has to be avoiding people, places, sit in front of school bus etc. it's gone on way too long and too far. Should not nannies make certain no child is bullied so bad that the child has to avoid places? I think advice earlier in week to teach kids to stand up for themselves and be more assertive is better than having a poor kid avoid places and changing their schedule. Can you imagine the poor child that would have to go thru this?Karrine M. Richmond Va

  2. What advice would I give to a kids being bullied would be: tell your parents to contact the parents of the bully! There are school rules for zero tolerance for clubs and bullies. Talk to the teacher and they can talk to the parents too. Bullies have to be punished to correct their behavior, get the parents involved!Meghan WyattNanny of Three (1 yr, 4 yr, 7 yr)Houston TX

  3. One of the children I cared for got her braces when she was 10.She was a bit "buck" toothed to begin with- so the braces only added to it.She told me about getting teased by a group of girls who were bullies and how they were calling her a "beaver". Over the week the teasing got worse and worse- even though she tried to avoid them, they just kept at it. She stayed strong and I kept telling her to think of how nice her teeth would look after she got the braces off. I really admired her for not giving them the satisfaction of letting them see her cry. I remembered the bullies from my school years and told her it seemed that using humor to stop the kids seemed to work best for me and others I saw that got teased.The next day I asked her how it went? She said- Every time someone called me "BEAVER"- I invited them over my house after school to help me build a damn in my pool." :-D~Andrea- Career Nanny/Northern, NJ

  4. Does your child get bullied in school? Do you wish there was something you could do to make your child feel more confident? Well, we can help! A prominent cable television show is now casting in New York City and the surrounding Tri-state area. We are currently looking for a family where a child has been bullied in school. We want to work with you to boost your child's self confidence and help them live a more enjoyable life. Please email us your story.

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