Reusable Sandwich Wraps: Kid Konserve Food Kozies

Products Nannies and Au Pairs Love We love helping kids become more environmentally friendly, even at school. Our favorite reusable lunch boxes are bento boxes. But, did you know there are eco-friendly wraps for foods too? Yep, our favorite reusable sandwich wraps are Kid Konserve Food Kozy Stop using plastic baggies altogether when you stock […]

Make and Freeze School Sandwiches in Advance

How Do You Help Kids Get Ready the Evening Before School? If school hasn’t started yet for your school-aged charges it will this week or immediately after Labor Day. Last week we recommended getting ready for school the evening before. In FamilyFun Magazine a mother suggests that a great way to get a head start […]

Best Back to School Item: Bento Boxes

Product Review Sunday for Nannies and Au Pairs The product I love the most for back to school is the Bento Box! Disposable plastic bags and brown paper lunch bags are no longer the norm for school lunches. With cute, assorted-size compartments for sandwiches, side dishes, fruits and veggies, and a mid-day snack, a Bento […]