How Do You Help Kids with Homework?

The Important Role Nannies and Au Pairs Play in Helping Children with School Work

School has already started for a few kids in the nation and is about to start for others. Nannies and au pairs are crucial in helping children do school work.
Studies by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) show that the defining factor in having academically successful children of parents that work outside the home is the household help that they hire.

The NAS studies show that families that hire great childcare providers are in a stronger position to have children that are successful in school.
Children of working parents that do not have the support of homework helpers are less likely to achieve as well in school.
Therefore, helping children with homework is one of the most important responsibilities for in-home childcare providers.

Doing homework helps caregivers identify problems or difficulties students are having learning. Homework is an opportunity for children to review what they have learned and prepare for the next day’s class. Homework helps teach students to use resources, manage their time, meet deadlines, and become more independent.

While helping children with homework nannies and au pairs can help children develop a love of learning, help encourage self-discipline, and ultimately help children to be successful in school.
Doing homework is also an opportunity for children to gain self confidence and good self-esteem.

Are you expected to help the children with homework? Do you have any helpful homework tips?


  1. tvs off, no playdates till homework done, star charts for positive reinforcement

  2. I'm not expected to do homework with the kids. I'm just expected to make sure they do it. Ultimately it's their responsiblity though as they are older.

  3. My problem during the school year isn't the homework but the but too many after school stuff to do. We have sports, chess club, math club, ballet, it's too much. It's hard to squeeze it all in. My question is for younger kids do you help them spell words right or let them hand in misspellings? I always check the spelling and make them spell correctly on all homework but the father lets them sound it out and hand in words spelled wrong (not on spelling homework).

  4. to anonymousI've had that problem before. Kids are way over scheduled and there have been plenty of articles in this magazine and others about that problem. I just think too many activities add to stress. Kids should do homework but there's so little time and they are way over tired. Make homework and schoolwork the priority and all other activities and playdates are secondary. If the child is at all having mistakes on homework or schoolwork then cut out their schedule. Ask the teacher which they would prefer the child making mistakes and handing them in or having adults (parents and you) help them correct mistakes before handing in. I think it's up to the teacher.What I've always been told (and my mom is a teacher) is that homework is to get the parents involved with the kids' schoolwork. So it's kind of a mistake to just have the nanny be helping them with homework and not the parents. But what else can be done when parents work outside home for long hours? They are fortunate to have us.

  5. Due to having a background in teaching and that I highlight this when I job search and interview. Homework help, kindergarten prep ability, preschool and toddler education this can actually be one of those things that can help a nanny retain a job with those school age charges with working parents. Thus I make sure to have all types of resources bookmarked to help me do this. And if one is working for a single parent with more than two kids, they can be tapped out with time too. Plus, with schools having mandates this, standards that the pressure can be on teachers at time to make sure the school system is making the "grade" according to a state or federal govenment entity. So if a nanny knows how to provide assistance to the kids in learning demands it ultimate is in the best interest of the child. Yet sometimes that teacher hasn't provided the instructions on how to do a project.And, if a parent isn't sure how to proceed with helping a child on some project, it does win brownie points at review time if the nanny could/can. Thus I have learned where to locate information on creating science fair projects, writing book reports, creating this that and the other thing. When children achieve academically, it boosts their self esteem, and this can make them easier to care for at times too.

  6. I've had only a few school-aged charges. I've learned to take their cue as to when the best time is for them to do their homework.Some kids do best right after arriving home from school- as they want to get it out of the way and not have to hear- "IS YOUR HOMEWORK DONE?"A few liked to have a snack first and then start. And one liked to totally wind down after a long day at school. So she did best after dinner and sometimes even a bath.I always had fun doing homework with the kids and bonding with them on another level. Most families wanted to be part of the homework process. Only one family wanted it all done by the time they came home- so they could just relax with the kids before bedtime.Andrea~ Nanny in NJ

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