Kids Need More than School Supplies to Prepare for a New School Year

How Nannies and Au Pairs Can Prepare Kids with Structure, Energy, Enthusiasm, and a Positive Attitude for a New School Year


By now, you should have a school supply list for the students about to go back to school. They will undoubtedly need pencils, back packs, lunch boxes, and school clothes. But kids need your help getting ready for school in other ways too. Below are some of the ideas summarized from the familiesonlinemagazine website by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller of

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Below are five suggestions for getting children ready for school:

1. Start the school schedule early. Break the summer sleep-in/stay-up late mode. Begin the morning and evening school routine at least two weeks before school actually starts. Don’t expect that a child will be able to make the adjustment to getting up for school quickly or easily without a break in period.

2. Create a positive attitude about going back to school. Talk to the children about being able to see their friends, meet their new teacher, and all the opportunities that being at school provides. When a child speaks negatively, redirect him into the positive.

3. Visit the school. Reacquaint your child with the school. Go to the school and play on the play ground, meet the new principal or office personnel, talk to the janitor if they are around.

4. Set goals for the upcoming school year. Help children create realistic expectations for themselves about school. Talk about what they want to accomplish this school year, not what you want them to accomplish. Remember not all of school is about grades. Making new friends, speaking out in class, standing up for oneself, staying organized, and managing behavior are all crucial skills for a successful school year.

5. Model learning. Create a time in the home when everyone is involved in learning related activities such as reading, playing with numbers, telling family stories, writing in a journal, or quiet reflection.
Give the kids every opportunity to be ready for school this year. Head to the mall or department store with your list of needed items and remember to add to your list the suggestions above. By doing so you give the kids what they really need to begin this school year—structure, energy, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude.

To see the entire article please click here.

Has school started yet in your area? When do your charges go back to school?


  1. School starts Wednesday for us! Wed 11th. We are all very excited.

  2. We start back on Monday. This is our last week at the pool. I've got the morning schedule started but they are going to bed too late still.

  3. I'm concerned about the kids I work for since the family always arrives home from summer vacation just one day before school starts. Clearly kids more time to adjust. I think well rested kids do better. It's not thoughtful about what the kids need not coming home with more time to adjust and rest before the first day of school.

  4. Mine aren't in school yet, but most of the public schools around me have already started. I think there's probably another week and then most of the private schools will have started as well. Atlanta

  5. We have been playing school a lot. I have been getting the kids used to packing their own bags for camp already, making their beds, bringing dishes in from breakfast table, all things to help prepare for a smoother start of school year. Like mentioned above, the family comes home from vacation just a few days before school not allowing enough time to get used to sleep schedule IMO. We start day after labor day.

  6. Last year you suggested playing Kiddie College, playing school. Great fun and helpful. All kids are really nervous. Just listen to their anxieties and focus on the positive.

  7. We go back next week. Hooray!

  8. The children I work with start back on Sept 1st

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