Using Time Blocks to Plan Your Day

How Nannies Should Schedule the Children’s Day Babies and toddlers often create their own schedules — you feed them, change their diapers, and let them sleep when they want to. But preschoolers need structured days. When working as a nanny with small children try using time blocks to plan the day. To use time blocks, […]

Do You Have Tips to Help Kids Get Up in the Morning?

Are Your Charges Moody in the Morning? Getting ready for school is stressful enough, but when greeted with whiny children that complain each morning it makes caring nannies and au pairs want to pull their hair out. Some kids just can’t get up in the morning. Some don’t function well when they first wake up. Some are tired […]

Homework Ground Rules for Nannies and Au Pairs

Rules and Routines Make Children Feel Safe By Angela Norton Tyler, author of Tutor Your Child to Reading Success Children like knowing what is expected of them and what is going to happen next. They also like knowing that they can count on the adults in their lives to lovingly enforce those rules and stick […]

Setting a Homework Routine

Routines Help Kids Succeed If your school-aged charges haven’t started school yet, they will tomorrow. In the September 2010 Be the Best Nanny Newsletter we discuss how nannies and au pairs act as tutors helping children with homework and school work. We discussed multiple intelligences and how each person has a different learning style. This […]