Should Kids Be Allowed to Use their Smartphones When Doing Homework?

MSN’s Best Homework Apps for Kids

Kids have access to technology today unlike anything I had when I was in school. Not only do they have access to the Internet, every charge over 7-years-old that I care for has a smartphone. I don’t think students should be allowed to rely on technology to help them figure out grammar or answers to their math or Spanish questions when doing homework. In fact, I typically take the kids’ iPhones away from them when doing homework. But, MSN Living listed the best homework apps for kids and I do see the value of being able to store Word documents on their phones using the Documents To Go  or having a dictionary and thesaurus from on their smartphones, especially when they have to do homework while on the go (while in the car or while waiting for their sister to finish Soccer practice). Here is the list of best homework apps for kids by MSN Living.

One of the most downloaded homework-helper apps, MyHomework is a simple planner with an easy-to-use design that helps students keep projects, homework, tests and class schedules organized.

Study Aid
Flash cards for the 21st century student, Study Aid makes memorizing and studying a snap with easy swiping notes that can hold questions and answers, as well as vocabulary words and math formulas.

This planner and organizing app is syncable across all iCloud devices, which makes using iPhones, computers and iPads to manage homework incredibly simple and perfect for parent/child reviewing.

A great tool for older students in high school and college, Assignments helps sort due dates for papers and projects across all courses as well as by each individual class. The optional recording notes for each assignment helps keep track of specific details and personal notes.

Documents To Go
This app is ideal for families who travel often or spend lots of time in the car shuttling from baseball to ballet. Your kids can copy their Word docs and use them across all cloud devices (in the premium app), which makes working on book reports and research papers a lot more flexible. It’s also great for notes and study guides.

Dictionary and Thesaurus’s apps help make reference work easy as pie. Whether your second grader is working on vocabulary words or your high school sophomore is working on a paper about Shakespeare, the wealth of information at your fingertips with this app makes quick work of word research.

A truly comprehensive homework and study solution, Slader is a crowd-sourced app developed by students, for students. High school and college students will gain access to screenshots of thousands of math and science equations and problems, complete with comments which help answer questions.

Grammar Guide
From their first book report to their last term paper, Grammar Guide offers a virtual tutor for all things punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and more.

Parents whose algebra has been long forgotten will love this app, which helps students master calculations and equations with innovative techniques.

With push notifications to help keep them on track and a fun, easy-to-navigate design, this app helps keep track of assignments, grades and more. Another great feature is the email function, which sends all the data in the app to your inbox with one click.

MSN Living 

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