Beach Crafts for Kids

Seashell Crafts for Nannies and Au Pairs

Yesterday we discussed how to protect children at the beach. Today we share seashell crafts for nannies and au pairs to do with kids. These crafts will also become keepsake memories of the trip to the beach. If you aren’t visiting the beach you can still purchase inexpensive shells at a craft store.

The best time to search for seashells is when the tide is going out. Shells come in all shapes and sizes and allow kids to pick a variety of shells. Children should be encouraged to gather shells that have already been opened without debris in them. Any whole shells or seashells with debris should be dropped in boiling water before allowing children to handle them.

Wind Chime: String lots of seashells on fishing line or strong thread and hang several strands together to make a wind chime. Many small shells already have holes in them naturally. If some shells do not already have holes, use a small safely clip to push small holes in small shells. Knot the string to keep sea shells separated. Tie the strings to a branch or driftwood.

Necklace: If the children want to wear their shells it is easy to make a shell necklace. Thin shelled shells can be tapped gently with a hammer and a small nail to make holes for stringing. Knot the string along the way to keep shells separated.

Refrigerator Magnets: Smaller, more delicate shells make great magnets. Using a hot glue gun or white craft glue, attach a small, sturdy magnet to the shell. You can even add some tiny dried flowers to the magnets. Let dry, then use them to decorate the ‘fridge.

Flower Pot: Transform a plain clay pot into a work of art by gluing rows of shells around the rim or in a fanciful pattern. Kids may even wish to cover the entire surface of the pot. A small flower pot adorned with seashells is a charming addition to a desk or counter top.

Large Shells: Large shells make great candy dishes, spoon rests, paper clip holders, and trinket boxes. Kids can paint the shells if they choose.

Sun-Catcher: If the children have collected fragments of shells and sea glass they can glue the shell pieces and sea glass onto a clear coffee can cover with epoxy (adults must help children with this glue). This makes a pretty sun-catcher to hang in a sunny window.

What crafts have you made with children after visits to the beach?


  1. Perfect timing. The kids collected shells this weekend. I was just going to have them paint the shells then glue them to drift wood. These ideas are better!MariaBayhead NJ

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