Importance of Last Impressions for Nannies and Parents

Respecting Professional Boundaries

Years ago Sue Downey of Nannypalooza wrote “Taking the High Road When Leaving a Nanny Job” I published on my web site. She explains nannies should remain professional and give proper notice at their job because the last impression nannies make when leaving a job will be the memories parents remember most when giving job references.

Just as nannies should always follow their work agreement to the letter and give proper notice, the same holds true for employers. Parents should treat their nanny as a professional and provide them the agreed upon notice or severance as spelled out in their work agreement.

Despite years of being treated fairly, if an employer treats their nanny poorly at the end of their working relationship that will be the lasting impression in the nanny’s mind. This one decision made by the parents on how to treat the nanny when terminating her can exclusively save or ruin the chance for a friendship between the nanny and their family and their children in the future.

Both nannies and parents should remain professional and follow their work agreements to the letter until the last day of employment to ensure that employees get good job references and parents provide a lasting friendship for the nanny and children for their future.

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