Mondrian Sidewalk Chalk Art


Creative Wednesdays

Known for his Modernism abstract paintings, Piet Mondrian used the simplest combination of straight lines and right angles, creating geometric shapes of bold primary colors. After showing the kids paintings by Mondrian and reading “Coppernickel Goes Mondrian” go outside to make similar art using sidewalk chalk. Of course on a rainy day you can do this inside the house with large white paper, painters tape, and red, yellow, and blue paint.

You Will Need:

Masking Tape or Painter’s Tape
Red, Yellow, and Blue Sidewalk Chalk
Sidewalk or Blacktop Driveway

What to Do:

1. Use masking tape or painters tape to create a large rectangle on a sidewalk or driveway.

2. Subdivide the rectangle into smaller squares and rectangles.

3. Have the kids color the squares and rectangles with red, blue, and yellow sidewalk chalk.

4. Pull off tape and the kids have created Modernist art to share with their neighborhood.

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