Taking the High Road When Leaving a Nanny Job

The Last Impression Made by Employees Becomes the Basis for References

By Sue Downey, Nanny

Whatever the reason for leaving, nannies should be thoughtful and considerate of the children and the parents when planning to leave a job. This may be difficult to accomplish. Caregivers have to be professional, even if they are angry and hurt. The last days are an opportunity for nannies to demonstrate to the parents that they are deserving of great recommendations. The employees last days and weeks will be the memories parents remember most when giving job references.

In-home child care providers should always have a work agreement that spells out the amount of notice for both parties and severance if they are let go. Employees should always follow their work agreement to the letter — even if the parents do not. Nannies need references from families, but parents do not need references from nannies.

Once nannies have decided to resign they must carefully consider the time frame allowing parents adequate notice to find a replacement. There are many differing opinions about how much notice to give families. Each situation is different. Common practice is to give one month notice.

However, there are many variables to consider. What is the market like in the city? Is the job more challenging than some with more kids, longer hours, or a newborn baby? Will the family react badly to the nanny leaving? Will the nanny lose her job the moment she resigns?

Although nannies should be considerate of employers, they ultimately must take care of themselves first.

The last impression made by employees becomes the basis for references for years to come. Nannies that leave families in an unprofessional manner will not be able to depend on glowing recommendations.


  1. I would love to thank them with a gift what would be appropriate for the kids and parents?


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