CA State Senate Passes the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Photo from Domestic Workers United

What You Can Do Now About the CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Last week California’s State Senate passed the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and now California Governor Jerry Brown needs to sign it into law.

If you support the bill call Governor Brown’s office at (916) 445-2841 and leave a message asking the Governor to sign into law the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Here is a sample of what to say from the National Domestic Workers Alliance: “My name is ________ and I am calling to urge the Governor to pass AB889, the California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights. Domestic Workers have been excluded from basic protections for generations, and take care of what we value most, our loved ones and homes. The Governor has the opportunity to right this historic wrong and end the exclusion of Domestic Workers. I hope he will support AB889 and sign it into law.”

If you oppose the bill call Governor Brown’s office at (916) 445-2841 and leave a message asking the Governor to not sign AB889 into law by saying something similar to: “My name is ________ and I am calling to urge the Governor to not sign AB889, the California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, into law. Domestic workers are already protected by current labor laws. I think any additional laws and possible regulations will make hiring domestic workers more expensive and complicated. I urge the Governor to not sign AB889 into law.”


  1. Great news! I've been following this religiously on your site. I'm so busy I forget to comment but hope you continue to share this info. We must support all domestic workers. They are us!

  2. I have posted my comments on this bill tirelessly on this web site and so have the opposers. I'm glad we have all discussed it openly and respectfully. I'm also glad to finally see it will pass. I have been accused of flaming so I will keep my comments short and not point fingers. I will say I will not patronize agencies or nanny businesses that have publicly not supported this bill. Business owners that speak against these rights for nannies seem biggoted to me. They want the business to remain as it is at the expense to domestic workers.That's my two cents. I am thrilled it will likely pass.

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