When Was the Last Time You Got a Raise or Paid Vacation Days?

CDWRB and Right to Wage Increases and Right to Paid Vacation Days

Today, we continue examining rights guaranteed by the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR).

The bill gives the nanny the right to an annual minimum wage increase equal to the rate of the annual cost of living increase. The bill also gives domestics the right to paid annual vacation days.

PRO: These guarantees help bring equity to workers in a poorly paid industry. As prices increase, so does the cost of living. Nannies have little bargaining power and are easily intimidated by employers. These rights are assumed by most workers but something nannies are not often given.

CON: Wage increases and vacation pay must be earned, not mandated. Government should not force a parent to compensate an undeserving nanny at a higher rate.

Do you get an annual wage increase? If so, at what rate? Do you get paid vacation days? Can you carry vacation days from one-year to the next?


  1. I do get an annual raise I forget the percentage off-hand. I forget how many paid sick days I get but I usually work anyway when I'm sick. Only time I didn't I was in the hospital a few days and they paid me. I am very fortunate!I've been reading about this bill and commenting all over the Internet. I really hope reading these series inspires domestics to be paid legally and pay their taxes.This legislation really only protect tax payers only. Only tax payers have proof of employment. I know it may claim otherwise but who would be stupid enough to try to sue an employer if they are paid illegaly under-the-table, even if they are a legal citizen?! Legal citizens who work as domestics must insist on being paid legally so they have a record of employment.

  2. Also this article says a CON of the bill is "Government should not force a parent to compensate an undeserving nanny at a higher rate."In my contract it states annual raise for good performance review! If the nanny is only providing custodial care (food, shelter, clothing) and not quality care they won't get a raise!!

  3. I think you are right Michelle about illegals not gaining from the bill. I have a housekeeper friend who isn't legal and she was mugged and attempted rape and she never reported it to police becasue she doesn't want to be deported. If illegals won't even report crimes, they won't sue over overtime pay or lack of raise.

  4. Live-in nannies are very fortunate in this economy. Their only expenses are clothing and entertainment, they have not experienced the increase costs of rent, heating, food or gas. Please don't forget the amount of additional $25,000 a year in tax free benefits with free room, board, an insured car, and health insurance. You would have to be earning an additional $33,000 year gross to net that $25,000 for those live out expenses.

  5. I've been both a live in and live out nanny in New York City most expensive town in American for years. I'd say being a live in saves about 15,000 per year. I know plenty of live ins where the parents don't supply essentials for their live in. That's why being able to eat your own food is important. It's also important in diverse NYC because of different religions.

  6. Can I just tell you I am on my computer waiting for today's post! I love this site so much. I am salaried. I do get paid vacation days, probably 6 weeks worth but 2 weeks of my choice. If I don't take sick days they cash me out and pay me for those days at the end of the year. But I get paid sick days as they never charged me if I took sick days. My overtime rate is same as average hourly rate unless it's a holiday or overnight when I make double my normal rate. Waiting anxiously for today's post!

  7. I have always gotton 5 paid vacation days of my choice at each of my nanny jobs. And the families took anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks vacation- and I got paid for it all. However, they did ask that I check on their house while they were away- and a few times I had to deal with some major issues- huge leak and broken picture window.I have always taken my 5 vacation days- so I never carried any over.I have always gotton a raise each year- anywhere from 7% to 15%.

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