Home Care Workers Included in Fair Labor Standards Act!

Major Step for Domestic Workers

Yesterday the White House released new regulations to include home care workers in the Fair Labor Standards Act!

Last Wednesday, the California State Senate passed the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, AB 241!

The announcement from the White House is part of a broad movement to win dignity, respect, and labor protections for domestic workers whose labor makes all other work possible in the United States.

New York and Hawaii have both passed Domestic Workers Bills of Rights, the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights awaits the Governor’s signature, and our members are organizing to pass similar bills in Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon, and Connecticut.

The Federal Government has taken a major step forward to provide minimum wage and overtime pay to the workforce!


  1. Note that CA AB241 (which provides minimum wage protections and overtime rights to home-health aids and domestic care workers previously excluded by federal and state law) has only been passed by the CA legislature and CA senate – it has NOT yet been signed into law by the Governor.

    Governor Brown previously vetoed a more comprehensive bill that included these protections. The new federal regulations due to go into effect on Jan 1 2015, the governor may determine that CA AB241 (which provides for over-time after 49 hours of work) is moot since the new federal regulations provide for overtime after 40 hours.

    With the Department of Labor announcing yesterday that federal regulations requiring overtime pay for domestic workers after 40 hours, there will be good reason for the governor to once again veto CA AB241 as it would be a waste of tax payer money to implement a law that would become obsolete in 12 months time.

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