Four Ways to Stop Kids from Whining

Break the Whining Habit
Advice shared from Dr. Ray Guarendi the Author of Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime

When reading Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime by Dr. Ray Guarendi you will learn that all kids whine sometimes — it’s part of their childish nature. Contrary to popular belief, not all kids outgrow the practice. Some grown-ups can still whine with the best of kids. But prime whine time lies in the heart of childhood, roughly between the ages of three and ten.

Much whining is transitory. It comes and goes with the coming and going of a child’s wants. If the child doesn’t desire anything from you, the child is less likely to whine.

Here are four ways to get kids to stop whining:

1. Planned Stupor: The most basic approach to end whining is to use planned stupor. Once the whining starts, you should cease to respond. Act as though no one is even there.

2. Deliberate Distance: If planned stupor isn’t appealing to you, turn to whine tactic number two, deliberate distance. Wherever and whenever possible, as soon as the whining begins, put distance between your ears and the child’s vocal chords.

3. Anything Whined for is not Given: A third option is the anything whined for is not given rule. If the child whines for something, tell her once, “that’s whining,” and then don’t give her what she’s asking for. She has to ask appropriately to receive it the first time around.

4. Post Reminders: Finally, to remind you and the children that whining is not a form of communication that gets anyresults in the house, put up a sign on the refrigerator door clearly spelling out “NO WHINE.”

Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime: The Best Gift You Can Give Your Kids

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