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The Forgotten Population: Domestic Workers in Our Homes
Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz wrote this wonderful article for Some of the article is below. Click here to read the entire article.

Ever stop to ask the salary of the woman washing dishes on Shabbat in your neighbor’s home, or the gentleman mowing your friend’s lawn about his vacation, or the nanny raising the children down the block whether she had time to sit down for lunch today? If you did, you most likely discovered an unpleasant situation of inadequate pay, few or no breaks, no paid sick or vacation days, and perhaps even bullying or verbal abuse. But how can it be? Those employers (neighbors) seem so nice, and their domestic workers always seem to be smiling and content.

This summer, let us use our loving embrace of our tradition and narrative as a springboard into the issues of domestic workers’ rights. Let us welcome freedom into our homes by looking domestic workers in the eyes and expressing our gratitude. Let us exemplify the proper treatment of domestic workers for our children. Consider acting on the courage to see the reality of most domestic workers’ situations. Consider utilizing the ability to see the possibility for change for the most poor right here in our homes. And let us collectively enact a vision that moves the reality of domestic workers to the possibility of better treatment.

Please click here to read entire article.


  1. I like it because it shows this is an ETHICAL issue.

  2. Unfortunately laws won't change stingy parents. There are two different types of nanny employers. One set loves finding the cheapest childcare possible. The other will pay more for great care because it's so important, nothing more important than your kids. But, if nannies don't insist on being paid legally no law matters. I think it's important to remember that as nannies we will still have to negotiate our own work agreements. You are only a door mat if you let people walk all over you. I get paid holidays and nearly 8 weeks paid vacation days each year. They pay me no matter what and one of the best perks of being a nanny is all the families I have worked form give me a lot of paid time off.

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