Are You Giving Your Dad Boss a Father’s Day Gift?

Father’s Day is this Sunday. If you want to do something nice for your Dad Boss, just make a gift with the children to give to their father.

Here are some ideas:
A personalized mug: Buy a kit at the craft store and have the children paint or color the mug for their father.

Picture frame: Either buy an inexpensive frame for the children to decorate or they can make their own gluing together Popsicle sticks or craft sticks. Place a photo of the child(ren) in the frame as a keepsake.

A personalized t-shirt, cap, or tie: Using fabric paints children can personalize clothing for their father.

Hand print stepping stone: Kits for hand print stepping stones are available at craft stores.

Tennis balls or golf balls: What sport does the father play? Purchase equipment for the sport.

Sports team t-shirts or caps: Find the father’s favorite sports team clothing at a local sports store.

What are you giving your Dad Boss for Father’s Day?


  1. NADA he's not my father. I'll say have a happy father's day tonight as I leave for the weekend.

  2. In the past I have gotton the days a gift card to a coffee shop/book store- and I've seen it sit on their dresser for years. So just going to say- Happy Father's Day this year.It all adds up when you give for the kids and parents B-day, Christmas, Easter, the parents Anniv. etc…have to just skip a few.Once current charge gets older- we will do a craft- make a cake.

  3. I used to make a big deal about mother's and father's day but now I'm simply too busy since they had a baby. It's ok he's not my father and he won't be insulted. I will wish him a happy day and he'll appreciate that.

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