Do You Have Paid Sick Days?

Have Your Employers Paid for Medical Expenses When Hurt on the Job?

Yesterday we started discussing the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (CDWBR).

This bill guarantees equal right to a safe and healthy workplace. Domestic workers are currently excluded from protection under California’s Occupational Safety & Health Act (CAL-OSHA). The CDWBR would extend CAL-OSHA protection to all domestic workers.

This bill also guarantees equal right to worker’s compensation. Workers compensation allows the worker to be paid for work-related injuries or death on the job. Workers compensation insurance most commonly pays for the medical expenses of a work-related injuries, in return the employee won’t sue for those expenses. Domestic workers are carved-out of California’s worker’s compensation laws when they work in private households less than 52-hours or earn less than $100 in the previous 90-days. The CDWBR would cover ALL domestic workers under California’s worker’s compensation laws.

PRO: This is a protection nannies need and deserve. Few nannies have the funds to be able to afford health insurance or to afford emergency health care. It is fair and equitable that a nanny can receive preventive and acute care when injured on the job.

CON: This provision is too expensive and too burdensome for the employer and will ultimately discourage the hiring of nannies. The specific terms for these issues should be negotiated by each family with each nanny on a case-by-case basis and not mandated by government action.

Do you get any health care benefits?


  1. I have always gotton 5 paid sick days. In the past I've only taken about 3 sick days per year – and one employer even gave me the two I never took as paid days off. At my current job my employers checked into my past work performance and realized I only take a sick day if 100% needed- so they have given me sick days at my discretion.I have always had paid health insurance. After the first year at my first job- 50% was paid by my employer. The second job and the second year they paid for my health insurance and MY husbands too. (great caring employer! and I stayed the entire time they needed me- 5+ years). At my third nanny position- the family did not want to even hear about it at first. I asked again after my 1 year anniv. and they still did not want to hear of contriubting anything toward health insurance. Even though they were a great family, I realized I did not want to invest anymore time with a family who would not contribute to my health insurance so I gave notice soon after my 1 year. At my current job I have 100% paid health insurance from day one. The family realized the value of it and that they recieve some savings when their taxes are due.

  2. All sick days have always been paid although I don't have a work agreement. I see by reading comments that I should have a work agreement. I am lucky to have nice family to work for and they have never charged me (or not pay me) for days off or sick days or vacation days. In fact, they paid me out at the end of the year when I don't have sick days they've given me extra cash. 🙂 I'm really lucky.

  3. Kristin: I get paid sick, and 1 week vacation.Sherri: I have 3 days, they are for what I want them to be. I also get 2 weeks paid vacation. I would hope they would pay/help pay if I got hurt while at work, but this has never come about yet. No health insurance….Kristi: No, no and no.Sara: All sick days are paid (don't take advantage!), I have 3 Paid Personal Days & 3 unpaid. They travel 2 weeks a year, I'm paid both weeks. I have my husband's insurance but they did offer insurance when I was hired. In my contract, if I'm hurt while carrying out my usual duties they will cover what my insurance won't. I've got an amazing family!Sara: I think nannies should be treated as any employee at any company. This is my job, I take it seriously. Families should treat nannies with respect. Make your nanny happy & you're making a life long friend!Lisa: For many of my positions I was given paid sick, and it wasn't only until the past two years. I've used them. One was actually dental emergency, and the other my boss admitted I got sick from him and the kids. :)Sarah:I get 4 paid personal/sick 2 weeks vaca (1 week my choice, 1theirs), and they do contribute some to my health insurance. I would hope we would work something out if I was hur on the job, but we havent discussed and it is not in my contract.Kathie: I have health insurance paid for by my family. I also get paid for sick days although nothing formal like so many days and such. I am also paid for their vacation time. I feel very blessed in this economy to have the benefits that I do. Little scared to have to move on at some point.

  4. I fell down the stairs at work and because I'm paid under the table the parents only helped me pay for the emergency room visit. Everything else was out of my pocket. When you make $400 a week, MRIs, dr visits, physical therapy put me into major debt. I will be paying medical costs from this fall off for the next five years.

  5. If you pay taxes the parents' home should have homeowner's insurance that covers injuires at work. If you don't pay taxes…. you're screwed.

  6. You need to be very careful with the workers comp rules. It is NOT always the case that work injuries are covered on homeowners. In NY they absolutly are not!!!! This is so impaortant look into it. I can not stress enough call a company that deals with housholds and ask. KNOW THE FACTS!!!!

  7. Of course nannies deserve paid sick days! Are you serious anyone would say otherwise?! Really?! I was in the hospital two weeks and the parents paid me my regular salary because if it had happened to them and they got sick they would be paid.I guess if it had been longer than that I would have had to gone on disability and they would have hired temporary help. Why shouldn't we get paid sick days!

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