Nanny Tees: Use BESTNANNY Code for 15% Discount

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Stephanie Bauchum is a nanny and owner of the The Mtoto Agency in Dallas, Texas. She found that there was a void in cute work apparel for nannies and created Nanny Tees.

The nanny explains, “Working as a nanny, my daily work wardrobe consists of workout pants and basic t-shirts.”

She reveals, “There would be days that I’d have to leave the house with the kiddos and forgot that what I had on wasn’t always ‘public friendly.'”

“So, I thought, why not create something cute and stylish for nannies to wear to work and while out with their little ones,” explains Bauchum.bbb

“I decided to go for it and launch Nanny TeesNanny Tees is an exclusive t-shirt and apparel line for nannies,” says Bauchum.

With simple phrases from “i Nanny” and “Team Nanny,” Nanny Tees is perfect for any career nanny. The cute t-shirts and tote make a great gift.

Get 15% off for one week only using the code: BESTNANNY.

Check out all the products on her web site at and follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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