Painting Symmetry

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Symmetry can be taught at an early age with this very simple art project. Explain to the little ones that if you cut something in half and both sides look exactly the same, they are symmetrical. Allow the children to experiment using different sized drops of paint and spaces between the paint dots. The five-year-old I care for literally made dozens of these paintings in one sitting. We only stopped painting because we ran out of space to put her paintings to dry. Her 12-year-old brother made enjoyed making quite a few as well. When finished painting ask the children whether their art work looks different or the same on each side of the paper. It really is a easy and fun painting at any age.

What You Need:bbb

Washable Paint or Poster Paint
Paint Brushes
Protected Work Surface

What to Do:

1. Fold piece of paper in half and place on a protected work surface.ccc
2. Allow the child to drip different colored paint on one half of the paper.
3. Fold the paper and press and smush the paint between the paper.
4. Slowly open the paper to reveal a beautiful, symmetrical painting.

Photos and project by Stephanie Felzenberg


  1. This is a beautiful project and it is definitely for people at any age who want to try making art but don’t have the experience or the confidence to start a project from scratch. x


  1. […] will need help cutting out their hands. 3. Fold the circle in half to make a symmetrical painting. Click here to learn more about symmetry.  Have them dot only half of the circle with green, blue, and white […]

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