How Can You Protect the Earth?

Best Nanny Newsletter Earth DayEarth Day Project

Earth Day will be celebrated this Friday, April 22 and this weekend in communities throughout the world. Some simple and tangible ways to help the kids in your care protect the world is by recycling; not wasting water; walking or biking to school and activities; turning off lights; and not littering.

In addition to doing the project we are sharing with you today, be sure to read children’s books about Earth Day. Some of our favorite children’s books about Earth Day include: Save The Earth! by Abby Klein, Earth Day by David F. Marx and Earth Day Every Day by Lisa Bullard. Here are more children’s books about Earth Day. Here’s how to make the project we made this week:

You Will Need:Best Nanny Newsletter Earth Day 3

Green, Blue, and White Paint
Paint Brushes
Heavyweight Paper
Lightweight Paper
PencilBest Nanny Newsletter Earth Day 2

What to Do:

1. Trace the children’s hands onto lightweight paper and have them trace a large circle on lightweight paper.
2. Have kids cut out their hands and the circle. Younger children will need help Best Nanny Newsletter Earth Day 4cutting out their hands.
3. Fold the circle in half to make a symmetrical painting. Click here to learn more about symmetry.  Have them dot only half of the circle with green, blue, and white paint. Fold the circle back together and squish the paint around the circle.
4. Paste the circle world to the center of the heavyweight paper. Have the kids glue their paper hands to either side of the Earth.
5. Have them finish the sentence “I will protect the earth by…” on the bottom of the heavyweight paper.

You can purchase the children’s books about Earth Day by clicking the links below:

Save The Earth! (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Ready, Freddy! (Paperback))



Earth Day Every Day (Cloverleaf Books: Planet Protectors)Earth Day (Rookie Read-About Holidays)




  1. Love this! Such a great way to talk about Earth Day, and such a simple but cute craft! Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂


  1. […] recycle, not litter, turn of lights, conserve water, and walk to activities. Be sure to do our fun Earth Day project, read children’s books about Earth Day, and share these festive cookies to celebrate our […]

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