Earth Day Cookies

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April 22 is Earth Day. Celebrate the Earth with your nanny kids by having a Earth Day treat and celebration. Today is the perfect day to encourage the kids to recycle, not litter, turn of lights, conserve water, and walk to activities. Be sure to do our fun Earth Day project, read children’s books about Earth Day, and share these festive cookies to celebrate our environment. Here’s how we made these Earth Day cookies:

You Will Need:Best Nanny Newsletter Earth Day 2

Favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe or Mix
Green and Blue Food Coloring
Mixing Bowls and Utensils
Baking Sheets

What to Do:

1. Make your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe. Split the dough in half.
2. Color half the cookie dough with green food coloring and half with blue food coloring.
3. Grab about half a tablespoon of blue dough and another half of green dough and roll them together like a large marble. Be sure to keep the green and blue a bit separated so it looks like the Earth. Place on baking sheet.
4. Cook the cookies as directed in the recipe. Cool. Enjoy!

Recipe Idea by Tammilee Tips
Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg

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