Mother’s Day Flowering Tree

Best Nanny Newsletter Mothers DayCreative Wednesday
By Heather Marinkovic

Mother’s Day is coming up. As a nanny I love helping the kids make inexpensive gifts for their parents on holidays. Heather Marinkovic, a former nanny and current full-time mother, made these cute flowering trees with her toddler for the mothers and grandmother’s in her life. Feel free to add the children’s names to the hearts. Make as few or as many hearts as you want for your tree.

You Will Need:Best Nanny Newsletter Tree

Brown Cardboard or Posterboard
Colorful Paper and Green Paper
Safety Scissors
Paste or Glue Stick

What to Do:

1. Trace the child’s hand on brown cardboard or posterboard. Draw two stripes at the bottom sides of the tree to make a stand for the tree. Cut out the hand and base.
2. Cut two slits on opposite sides of the base. See photo above. One slit should be cut up and the other down (see A and B).
3. Fold the colored paper into small pieces and cut hearts and leaves out of them. Add children’s names to some of the hearts. Glue onto the cardboard hand.
4. Cut out a colored piece of paper to make the sign “I Love Mom” to paste below the tree, on the tree stand.
5. Stand the tree up by fitting the A and B slits together (one into the other).

Idea from Krokotak
Project and photos by Heather Marinkovic

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