Children’s Books for Earth Day

For Earth Day Read a Book

To start celebrating Earth Day go to the library and borrow some books on the topic to read with children. Here are some great suggestions. Click here for a list of Earth Day movies for kids. Click here for more Earth Day children’s books.

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day by Peter and Connie Roop

Using a question-and-answer format, the authors introduce the history and importance of Earth Day. They discuss Senator Gaylord Nelson’s creation of the celebration in 1970; the 1969 Cuyahoga River fire that led to the Clean Water Act; the concept of endangered species; some positive results of forest fires; and recycling. Full-color artwork appears on every page, breaking up the text and clarifying information. Numerous sidebars, some incorporated into the illustrations, supplement the basic facts, and quotes, most from famous Americans, decorate the endpapers. The authors also include directions for creating a composting tower using plastic soda bottles. — By Kay Weisman, American Library Association
Clifford’s Spring Clean-Up by Norman Bridwell

In Clifford’s Spring Clean-Up, Emily Elizabeth, her family and Clifford do some spring cleaning at home. Clifford’s attempt at being helpful often causes more messes. For example, he licks the windows clean and dries them with his tail, leaving dog fur all over the windows. Another time, Clifford shakes out a rug, but shakes too hard and shreds it. For Earth Day, the neighborhood children decide to clean up a vacant lot and plant a garden. This time, Clifford’s size comes in handy, especially for digging. The story ends with Clifford cleaning out his doghouse and throwing out a huge pile of bones and rubber dog toys into the garbage truck. The final page is a short blurb about Earth Day and encourages readers to “Make every day Earth Day.” The text and vocabulary are perfect for young children. There are generally just a few lines of text per page. The color illustrations are simple but do add to the story.

Earth Day (On My Own Holidays) by Linda Lowery

Lowery addresses the concerns that eventually brought about Earth Day and the laws and programs that have come about due to its establishment in 1970. Written in easy-reader style, the book has large type and soft pastel illustrations to inform readers of the vital importance of ecological concerns. A variety of ethnic/cultural groups and ages, as well as both genders, are represented in them. The most helpful part of the book is its last three pages. There, realistic activities that can make every day an Earth Day are cleverly presented in a bulletin-board format. Also useful is a list of addresses to write for more information. This book not only raises the level of concern for a serious problem facing all of us, but, more importantly, also gives good, clear strategies for everyone to do today. – By Eowana Bradley Jordan, Westgate Elementary School, Manassas, VA


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