How to Talk to Kids About Weight: Not at All

Focus on Health, Strength, and Growth Instead

I came across a great article in Cooking Light Magazine by Jennifer Drawbridge about kids and diets. The title answers the age old question about taking about kids about weight. The title is, “The Right Way to Talk to Your Kids About Weight. Correct answer: not at all.”

The article explains that well-intentioned parents doing their best to protect their kids from the health effects and the social stigma of obesity can say things that — instead of inspiring their much-loved child to skip the Skittles — can cause him or her a world of hurt.

Jerica Berge, PhD at the University of Minnesota twin Cities have finally identified the best way to talk to children about weigh is to not mention it a all. Ever.

The experts consensus is that when parents talked about weight with their kids it actually increases the rate of obesity in children. And when parents encourage a diet that the child is at a higher risk for binge-eating, low self-esteem, and depression.

Avoid mentioning weight, size, and shape and focus on health, strength, and growth instead.

Simply serve healthy foods and say things like “Our family eats healthy foods so we can have strong bones and muscles,” rather then talking about losing weight.

Cooking Light Magazine

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