How to Talk to Kids About Weight: Not at All

Focus on Health, Strength, and Growth Instead I came across a great article in Cooking Light Magazine by Jennifer Drawbridge about kids and diets. The title answers the age old question about taking about kids about weight. The title is, “The Right Way to Talk to Your Kids About Weight. Correct answer: not at all.” […]

Are the Kids in Your Care at a Healthy Weight?

Studies Suggest that Smaller Bowls May Keep Kids from Overeating Are you like me and if you have milk left in your cereal bowl you keep adding more cereal to use up the milk? In my battle to lose weight I know firsthand that when I use a larger cereal bowl for breakfast I eat […]

Just Because I’m Overweight Doesn’t Mean Your Kids Will Be

Nanny Confessions: Overweight Nannies Can be Great Role Models of Good Health By Stephanie Felzenberg Undoubtedly nannies have a huge influence in children’s lives. Nannies are role models for the kids in their care and the best role models are a great source of guidance and bring out the best in children. There are countless […]