Just Because I’m Overweight Doesn’t Mean Your Kids Will Be

Nanny Confessions: Overweight Nannies Can be Great Role Models of Good Health
By Stephanie Felzenberg

Undoubtedly nannies have a huge influence in children’s lives. Nannies are role models for the kids in their care and the best role models are a great source of guidance and bring out the best in children.

There are countless reasons why people are overweight. People aren’t only overweight because they eat junk food, don’t exercise, or lay around watching television all day. And being overweight doesn’t necessarily mean an adult cannot keep up with little kids.

As an overweight nanny myself I know first-hand that heavy nannies can absolutely make great caregivers. Despite the fact that I am overweight I certainly don’t model unhealthy eating habits for the children in my care. I serve, and eat, well-balanced and nutritious snacks and meals alongside the children in my care. I know that the easiest way to encourage good habits in children is to lead by example so I only prepare and serve nutritious foods to the children and let the parents decide when to serve their children desserts and sweets.

Although I am overweight I swim with the kids, play soccer with them, and walk to our activities whenever possible. I don’t allow them to be couch potatoes playing video games or watching children’s shows.  I go outside and  play with the little ones whenever possible.

Although it may be an unfair stereotype, parents do often worry that overweight nannies won’t model the good eating habits and active lifestyles they want for their children. But I urge parents (and others) to look at the big-picture and realize that just because a caregiver is overweight doesn’t mean the nanny cannot be a great model of health for the children they care for or that the kids will also become overweight just because their nanny is.


  1. Michelle says:

    Amen! I do understand parents reservations that an overweight nanny might not keep up with the kids but overwhelmingly I know more overweight nannies than skinny ones and they do a super job.

  2. I so agree!!

    I am an overweight nanny (though I eat healthfully and exercise daily) due to a mild heart condition, and the wonderful family I work with is totally understanding!

    I have worked with a family who would make rude comments, despite the fact that the mother was more than a little overweight, and for my sanity left that position.

    Love the one I work with now!

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