Finger Paint Daddy Sign

Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend. Rather than spending money on your Dad Boss spend time with your charges and help them make him a gift. You and the kids can’t go wrong giving a hand painted gift. Even the youngest toddler can finger paint this sign for their father made by nanny and mother Heather Marinkovich.

You Will Need:

Small Canvas
Painters Tape or Removable Stickers

What To Do:
1. Protect work surface and have child wear smock.
2. Use painters tape or stickers to create letters by covering the canvas with the removable tape.
3. Allow the child to dip their hands in different colored paints and paint the canvas. Be sure the paint covers the canvas along the tape.
4. Allow paint to dry. Remove the tape.

Project and photo by Heather Marinkovich

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