When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Resume?

You Never Know When an Opportunity May Come Knocking on Your Door

Nanny agencies always tell me to update my resume every six-months. But, who really does that? Since I am happily employed, I am not looking for a new nanny job. I have a full-time nanny job and since I work such long hours each week, I seldom even take on extra weekend babysitting jobs.

Each summer I get two-weeks paid vacation. When an owner of a nanny agency asked if I’d be interested in working a few evenings for a friend of hers during those two-weeks I decided, “Sure, why not make a few extra bucks?”

But, the agency owner needed my resume, written references, and identification to run a background check before she could introduce me to her client.

Thankfully, my resume was already on my computer and all I needed to do was update the resume with my current job. Having the resume, copy of my CPR/First Aid certification and driver’s license, and five written references all stored in my personal computer I was able to email my information to the agency owner quickly. Even the parents mentioned how impressed they were at my organization and ability to provide so much important information so quickly.

I am happy to say I not only got that extra babysitting job at a great pay rate, I babysat for a celebrity family!

I highly recommend updating your resume and getting all important documents scanned into your computer so they available at a moment’s notice, even if you aren’t looking for a new job.

Well Before Your Next Job Search Prepare the Following Documents:

  1. Your Standout Resume: Click here to learn how to make a stellar nanny resume. 
  2. Written Letters of Reference: Click here to learn how to obtain written letters of reference. 
  3. CPR/First Aid Certification: If you already have your CPR/First Aid certification scan the card or certificate into your computer to provide to potential employers. Or, take a class now so you are certified before you have to start looking for your next job.
  4. Driver’s License: Driver’s licenses  are the most common form of identification. But, more imporantly, nannies that can drive are more in demand. Be sure to scan your driver’s license into your computer so you can have it when needed. If you can’t drive, consider getting your license as most parents want to hire a caregiver that can drive. 
  5. Nanny Portfolio: Finally, start organizing all this paperwork in your nanny portfolio.

When was the last time you worked on your nanny resume?


  1. Yep I have them all stored on my computer and a paper copy of resume in a file. But, I don't have my current job on resume. Thanks for the reminder I'll do it when I have off next week.

  2. Always! With Childcare you never know whats going to happen so you always have to be prepared! Parents lose jobs, decided to send their kids to school etc etc… Theres always the chance they could come home and tell you that your services are not needed. G-d forbid that should happen, you have to be ready to up and start applying the next day.

  3. A few years ago I was laid off unexpectadly. If I had most of what I needed to find a job it would have made the process a lot easier. Now I keep everything even my applications to nanny agencies so making finding answers easier.

  4. I always do.

  5. Took to heart what everyone was saying this year and updated my resume and reference letters… glad it is done and will now keep it up to date…

  6. Great Topic!I update each time I have a job performance review- so at least every 6 months. Then I add everything I've gathered to my portfolio too- such as, thank you cards, new activity ideas, etc.Since I enjoy babysitting on my off time I need to have everything ready if a new family comes along.

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