Have You Tried the Sport-Brella?

Products Nannies and Au Pairs Love
By Maria Lopez, Nanny

As a nanny that lives and works in Miami, Florida I have probably used every beach umbrella and beach tent on the market. Considering the children and I go to the beach at least three times per week, I’m excited to share with other nannies and au pairs what has become my essential summer product — the Sport-Brella Umbrella.

By taking the concept of a traditional beach umbrella and giving it a major makeover, SKLZ has found a way for people to have instant, portable protection from the sun, wind, or rain regardless of where they are. Whether viewing a soccer game, having a picnic, or spending a day at the beach, setup only takes three seconds and there isn’t any time wasted before your own personal shade.

This sun shelter sits on the ground, and can be staked down for additional stability and I don’t have to keep adjusting it, like other types of sun shelters. I love that it is light weight. I like that it provides SPF 50 sun protection and since it has side flaps it provides more protection than a regular beach umbrella. I also love that the Sport-Brella Umbrellahas wind vents on the top, pockets to store the stakes, and two side windows with screens.

I have read on the Internet that some users complain that on very windy days the plastic mounts are fragile and might break. But, I found it much easier to use and sturdier in windy conditions than any other beach umbrella or tent I’ve used before. In fact, I have found that there is no need to use stakes unless it is very windy. I always have had trouble getting other types of beach umbrellas to stay put when the wind kicks up. Since the Sport-Brella Umbrellasits on the ground, and can be staked down for additional stability and I don’t have to keep adjusting it, like other brands of beach umbrellas and tents.

I highly recommend the Sport-Brella Umbrellafor nannies, au pairs, and kids looking for super easy to use, high quality sun shelter this summer!


  1. Yes this is a great product. I also don't understand why anyone would complain. It's not too expensive and very much worth it.

  2. I agree I love the Sport-Brella Beach Chair. I like the extra high back. I like the adjustable umbrella. I like the cup holder. They are hard to find now they are so popular. Great chair.

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