5 Ways to Help Kids Have Fun Doing Chores

Do the Kids in Your Care Have Chores?

By Sarah Aguirre

Children make all kinds of excuses to get out of doing chores and cleaningup. Here are some fun ways to help children have fun doing chores and help cleanup.

 1. Turn on the music. Listen to their favorite music and watch how time flies while you work and sing along.

2. Clean together. Working together can be a lot more motivating for some people. It helps us keep going to complete a task when we see others working too.

3. Make it a game. Or turn it into a competition. Who can find the most red toys? Try having the kids shoot dirty laundry into the hampers as if they were shooting baskets in basketball.

4. Set a timer. Trying to beat the clock can create a lot of energy. Set the timer for a certain amount of time and race to beat the buzzer.

5. Take a break. Don’t get too burned out on working. Break up your chores and reward the kids throughout the process. Taking a few moments to let the kids catch their breath to gear up for the next job.


  1. Does anyone else find they end up doing the kids chores when they forget? They have so much to do that I end up just doing their chores for them. How do I bring this up with the parents?I do think these are good ideas and I will try to start using them. But for the teen I care for I think it's too late to play games. I might have to start punishing him when he doesn't do his chores.

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