What Housekeeping are Nannies Willing to Do?

Nanny & Au Pair Housekeeping Survey Results

Below are more survey results from a Best Nanny Newsletter monthly poll conducted at: http://www.bestnannynewsletter.com/monthlypoll.htm

As the children grow up and go to school full-time are you willing to take on more housekeeping duties?

Glenda Propst, a nanny with more than 20-years experience wrote, “If a nanny wants to stay with a family long-term she needs to learn to grow and adapt her job and her expectations to the needs of the children and the family. The nanny caring for a newborn does not have the same job as the nanny caring for a toddler, the nanny for a toddler does not have the same job as caring for a school-age child. Roll with the changes if you want to grow with the family.”

Jane Fields, a nanny from Dublin, California wrote, “No, I’m off to a job where they need a nanny!”

Laurin a nanny in Fairfield, Connecticut replied,” Not cleaning responsibilities, because I hate cleaning and I’ve never learned how. But I would take on more house management responsibilities. I’m a nanny because I want to care for children, so I will probably move on to a new position when the kids are all in school full-time.”

Rebecca Flanagin, a nanny from Atlanta, Georgia said, “Nope. Hire a house cleaner; we are not paid enough to do the families dirty work.”

Jaime of Oregon City, Oregon answered, “If the children are not there as much and there is more time to work on the house, I will clean as long as I am paid for it.

Are there any household duties you feel are not a nanny’s responsibility?

Amy Robertson, a nanny in Phoenix, Arizona answered, “Not really, because I want to help the family in any way I can. This proactive attitude is why I think I am paid so well.”

Beth McKinney, a professional nanny in Kent, Washington answered, “I feel that only child related cleaning is a childcare provider’s responsibility.”

Linda Nevling, a nanny in Raleigh, North Carolina said, “I don’t think a childcare provider should be responsible [for doing the parent’s chores.]”

Harmony Schutt, a nanny in Essex, Vermont said, “Anything not directly related to the children should not be part of the nanny’s duty.”

Shannon Baas, a nanny from Providence Village, Texas answered, “I don’t feel a nanny should be responsible for the parent’s laundry.”

Terri Carroll, a temporary and traveling nanny from Ventura, California responded, “I have been inexplicably asked twice to train the family dog. That is clearly not a nanny’s job.”

Marie Marqui, a nanny in Cedarburg, Wisconsin agrees. She wrote, “Nannies should not have to care for pets, such as grooming, feeding, or training them.”

Brianna from Chicago, Illinois said, “I think everything can be a nanny’s responsibility if paid the right salary.”

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  1. I am ashamed that so many nannies aren’t willing to do just about anything that helps the parents out. Granted, newborns, infants, and toddlers require a lot of energy. But when kids are in school there is no reason why nannies can’t “pitch in.” I prefer Glenda’s answer to the others.Tamara, Household Manager, Austin, Texas

  2. I agree with Glenda as long as the children are in school during those times. But most nannies feel like they do not want to clean because so many are being taking advantage of. Most parents want to squeeze every ounce of work out of a hard working nanny. Why does the nanny have to be running around sweeping and cleaning while a baby naps? Newborn, infant and toddler care is exhausting. I often have fallen asleep next to a toddler reading a story to them as they fall asleep at naptime. Of course after a few minutes I wake up and tidy the house, but adults need to rest too. Parents forget how hard the work is caring for young children so that is why nannies are defensive.Nannies wouldn’t be so assertive about not cleaning becasue so many parents over work their nannies.Kendra, Infant SpecialistGreensboro N. Carolina

  3. What makes me mad is that I am paid to keep an immaculate house. I nag the children to put their toys away, clothes in drawers and hamper, make their beds, etc. But on the weekends, the parents and kids let the house get all messy. The parents do not ask kids to make beds even.Why do I always have to be the mean one nagging the kids? I'd like a little help!!!

  4. Wow. I think nannies should help out if they can. I'm not being paid to sit and watch TV. Are there any other jobs where you can take a two hour "break" during the day?

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