The Emotional Attachment for Nannies in the Middle of the Sandwich Generation

“Just Like a Member of the Family” When parents introduce their nannies to friends they often say their nanny is, “Just like a member of the family.” And most nannies are likely to feel the same about their part in the family dynamic. But, in a sandwich generation family, where parents are responsible not only […]

Canadian Nannies Are Exploited

Below is a link to an situation for foreign nannies wanting to work in Canada. Critics want crackdown as nannies exploitedMarch 17, 2009Robert CribbDale Brazao STAFF REPORTERS The federal government must prosecute nanny recruiters that prey on vulnerable foreign caregivers, say opposition politicians, industry insiders and the nannies themselves in response to a Star investigation. […]

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Activities for Nannies and Au Pairs to do With Children We recommend for Saint Patrick’s Day activities. There are recipes for traditional corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, and plenty of fun projects. Here’s one we like. Leprechaun Hat for Chips [This is] a fun table decoration that can be used to […]

The Nanny or Au Pair in the Middle of the Sandwich Generation

How Widespread is the Situation?This is the first of a series of discussions regarding the nanny and her role in the “sandwich generation family.” “Sandwich Generation” refers to parents who are responsible for their own parents, or elderly relatives, in addition to their own children. Definition at: Do not confuse the “sandwich generation family” […]

Dealing With Kids Who Prefer Caretaker to Parents

ABC News Good Morning AmericaMommy vs. Nanny: Battle for Kids’ Affectionby JUJU CHANG and MABLE CHANMarch 14, 2009— Overnight, Stacey Isaacs, 36, is a hands-on mother. But at 8 in the morning, Stacey switches off mommy mode, revs up for her job as a corporate lawyer and hands over her 3-month-old baby, Reese, to […]

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs

I Love Dirt!: 52 Activities to Help You and Your Kids Discover the Wonders of Nature By Jennifer Ward Review by Andrea Flagg, Nanny, Co-Founder Nanny Alliance of New York and New Jersey This is a great book with 52 activities one for each week of the year. This book breaks out simple things to […]

Sum Up How Nannies and Au Pairs Negotiate

Conclusion of Negotiating SuccessBy Lora Brawley, Not all negotiations end with a favorable outcome. Sometimes there is not a workable solution to a problem. I often see this when a child begins school full-time. The nanny feels she has put in her time, often caring for the child since infancy, and is a valuable […]

Negotiating Terms of Your Job or Raise

Negotiating Success Part V By Lora Brawley, There are two mains issues that generally bring nannies into negotiations with their current employers. The most common issue is negotiating an increase in your compensation package, a raise, or additional or expanded benefit. The second issue is negotiating an issue relating to the nuts and bolts […]

Negotiating a New Job

Negotiating Success Part IV By Lora Brawley, Negotiating a New Job Don’t wait to negotiate your salary and benefit package until you are offered a job. The most common mistake nannies make is waiting to negotiate until after they have been offered the job. From the very first contact, you’re planting the seeds that […]

Negotiating Success Part III

Be Prepared With a Positive AttitudeBy Lora Brawley, We have already discussed that before negotiating, nannies must know what they want and what they offer. But, they also must be prepared before negotiating with employers. Be Prepared:Negotiation is all about finding a workable solution. Never enter a negotiation without potential solutions. Consider extra benefits […]