Do You Think it is Harder to Work for a Very Strict Parent or a Permissive Parent?

What Parenting Style Do Your Employers Use?

Parenting styles have a profound effect on a child. A parents child-rearing style is one of the major influences on a child’s future well-being. The parent’s style of managing their kids affects their academic achievement, self-confidence, aggression, psychological strength, and capacity to cope with real-life challenges.

Child development researcher Diana Baumrind published a series of studies which concluded that there are four main elements that define parenting styles: responsiveness, unresponsiveness, demanding, and undemanding.

Not only do parents often have different parenting styles, when a nanny helps raise kids in a home things can get even more complicated since she there’s a third personality that has been raised by different parents with different parenting styles and taught different values and discipline methods that helped shape who they are.

This week we will discuss the working for parents with these different parenting styles:

Authoritarian parenting style is demanding, but not particularly responsive to the children’s needs and concerns.

Authoritative parenting style implements and combines the basic elements of being demanding and responsive.

Indulgent and permissive parenting styles are responsive to the emotions of their child but are not demanding.

Neglectful parenting style is neither demanding nor responsive and don’t pay any attention to their children.


  1. We have an epidemic of parents that are too permissive. Much harder to work for too permissive IMO

  2. I work for both a permissive parent, and a strict one. It's been interesting seeing the differences in their parenting. Where one doesn't do anything the other tends to either over react – or pick at the issue to much. There's definitely a happy medium. I follow you on Twitter, and also have a blog. I post my stuf Via twitter, my blog is called "Knowledgeable Nanny". Great post by the way!

  3. Permissive is harder actually. Although I could never tolerate a parent that spanks or hurts a kid in any way.


  1. […] you must know how they want you to help raise their kids. You should consider if parents are overly strict or permissive with their kids. If you feel uncomfortable with the way they choose to raise their children than […]

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