The ADHD Workbook for Kids

Weekly Trip to the Library

I love the The ADHD Workbook for Kids. I originally just borrowed the book from the library but decided to buy a copy to keep in my nanny library to use for the rest of my nanny career.

The workbook helps children learn new Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence includes the emotional, behavioral, and social skills in the four major areas of concern for ADHD children: behavior, school success, social development, and self-esteem.

But, the workbook is helpful when caring for any child who may be teased, disorganized, gets in trouble, needs to make great friends, or needs to learn to be more patient.

This workbook includes more than 40 activities for kids developed by child psychologist Lawrence Shapiro that can help kids handle everyday tasks, make friends, and build self-esteem while he or she learns to overcome the most challenging aspects of the disorder. Alone or with your help, the child can complete one ten-minute activity each day to learn how to make good decisions and discover easy techniques for staying focused when it’s time to pay attention.

The first section of the book includes activities to help kids learn self-control. some of the topics covered include: avoiding getting into trouble, how to learn to predict what other people will do, how to keep trying when kids are bored, learning to be more patient, to be a good listener, to sit still, and how to follow instructions and rules.

The second section helps teach children to overcome school problems. The activities are tailored to help make school easier such as getting ready for school, being on time, conquering homework, take care of their things, getting ready for tests, and much more.

Section three of the workbook includes activities to help kids make and keep friends. The activities include leanring how to cope with teasing, controlling anger, talking about what is bothering them, how to be liked, how to make friends, how to be funny without hurting other’s feelings, and so on.

The last section of the book includes activities to help kids to feel better about themselves. The activities include eating better, sleeping better, being responsible, being kind, coping with being on medication and so on.

The activities and worksheets included in The ADHD Workbook for Kids are easy to understand and a clever way to help teach anyone the skills required for Emotional Intelligence.

You can purchase your own cooy of the workbook by clicking the links above or below:

The ADHD Workbook for Kids: Helping Children Gain Self-Confidence, Social Skills, and Self-Control (Instant Help)

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