Caring for Kids With ADHD

What Nannies and Au Pairs Can Do To Help Children with ADHD at Home 

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition in which children have extreme difficulty focusing, paying attention, and controlling their behavior. It is the job of the nanny and au pair to follow and support the treatment plans determined by the the parents and treatment professionals.

 Here are some ways nannies and au pairs can help kids with ADHD at home:

1. Reorganize the environment at home and in school to make sure the environment is safe and organized making it easier for the child to succeed.

2. Reward good behavior. Congratulate the child when he or she completes each step of a task. Aside from praises, give something like a star or a treat.

3. Always be consistent, fair and predictable in your actions.

4. Create routines. A definite schedule should be followed every day. Wake-up times must be established and bedtime should be consistent. Post this schedule at the front of the refrigerator so that it is clearly seen.

5. Make simple house rules. It’s important to explain what will happen when the rules are obeyed and when they are broken. Write down the rules and the results of not following them.

 6. Arrange stuff. Everything must be in their proper place. Books are to be placed on shelves, dirty socks in the laundry, and so on. This will help teach the individual to be organized.

7. Avoid distractions. Follow schedules strictly. Do not allow distractions.
8. Give clear instructions. Avoid making long-winded instructions when reminding about tasks and responsibilities. Get the child’s attention and look directly into his or her eyes. Then tell the child in a clear, calm voice specifically what you want. Keep directions simple and short. Ask your child to repeat the directions back to you.   
9. Assign goals. Make a list or chart of what can be achieved in a week. When a goal is reached, place a check mark. Post this beside the schedule for the week.
10. Make sure the child is supervised all the time. Because ADHD children are impulsive, children who have ADHD may need more adult supervision than other children their age.
11. Focus on effort, not grades. Reward the child when he or she tries to finish school work, not just for good grades. You can give extra rewards for earning better grades.
12. Don’t yell. To correct behavior don’t yell. Punish by reducing TV time or computer time or by giving time-outs instead.


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