Have You Tried BranchOut on Facebook to Find a Nanny Job Yet?

How to Use Facebook to Find a Nanny Job

We all know that the more exposure the better when searching for a nanny job, but when using the Internet or social media to find jobs there are many safety concerns.

 Last week we posted an article about the top 10 things to avoid on your nanny website profile, which cautioned job seekers from allowing parents you have never met before to access to your Facebook page on nanny web sites.

At least one nanny web site is offering the option to connect your profile with your Facebook account. Everyone recommends using privacy settings on your Facebook page because there are scam artists, bullies, and criminals lurking on the Internet. So, there are other ways to use Facebook to find a job without allowing strangers see your Facebook profile.

You can post status updates announcing that that you are looking for a job that will reach all of your friends. You can also post “notes” on Facebook, which are similar to blog posts, to announce your job search. To ensure that your friends read these notes, just “tag” them and they will receive a notification that the note has been posted.

We also recommend joining the Facebook pages of the businesses you like to help you find nanny jobs. Click “Like” on the nanny placement agencies and nanny referral web sites you prefer. Visit the nanny agencies pages often to see what nanny jobs they have posted either daily or weekly.

But the best way to find a job using Facebook (instead of allowing complete strangers to see your Facebook profile) is by using the Facebook app BranchOut. You can join for free, connect with friends, and look for jobs to your personal network of friends.

I joined BranchOut yesterday and there were 15,681 nanny jobs posted on BranchOut.
When using BranchOut you network with your Facebook friends (not strangers) to find jobs and foster relationships with professional contacts. But when your Facebook friends introduce you to people that may help your job search via BranchOut the only visible information on BranchOut is a profile picture of your choice, your work history, and your educational background. You can edit your BranchOut profile at any time. Your status updates and photo albums on Facebook with NEVER appear on BranchOut.
By default your profile is viewable by all BranchOut members including recruiters and hiring managers. If you want to change who can see your BranchOut profile just go to your Privacy Settings. For more information on your privacy, check out our Privacy Policy.

Connecting with people on BranchOut is easy. Just click “Grow Network” at the top of the screen and you’ll have a number of options to choose from, including email, wall posts, and a couple different communication channels on Facebook.

Just logon to your Facebook account and search for BranchOut or visit www.branchout.com.


  1. Hello Friends………Great information.Thanks for sharing this useful information with all of us.Keep sharing more in the future.Have a nice time ahead.Thanks Placement Services

  2. I have never known anyone who has found a job with Branch Out. Would love to know of anyone that has. I don't know if it hurts to use Branch Out I just haven't heard of it being successful.

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