Save Time Taking Inventory: Making a Grocery List

It is typically a nanny’s responsibility to help keep an ongoing inventory list of all the food and hygiene items her employer’s family needs. The trick is to save time by having the list in the order you normally shop in at your favorite store. Bring a pen and a notepad with you to the grocery store and write down the names of all of the aisles and departments in the store. List them in the order in which you shop.

Later, make a shopping list using a computer. Place the name of the aisle or department at the top of each section and then list the favorite foods and items the family usually needs in each aisle. For example under the heading, Dairy, you might type blueberry yogurt and skim milk.

Leave space under each aisle title to write in other items you might need. Shopping with a list that is customized to your store ensures a more efficient grocery shopping trip.

A great place to keep it is on the side of the fridge. Use a pencil so you can erase items when they are bought.

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