Professional Nannies Pay Attention to Bookkeeping

Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies: Keep All Receipts Most parents are generous employers that treat their nannies well. Most parents are willing to pay for their caregiver’s meals and pay for cost of outings to zoos, malls, museums, and lunches with their children’s friends. Most nannies use the family’s petty cash responsibly. But, there are […]

Goo Gone Removes Crayons, Gum, Stickers and More!

Products Nannies Love Last week the teen I care for left some gum in his pants pocket before putting the pants in his hamper. Unintentionally I washed the pants with the gum in the pocket and then dried his clothes with the gum in the dryer. The gum melted and stuck to a shirt in […]

1,400 Things for Kids to Be Happy About

Weekly Trip to the Library What makes for a happy childhood? The little things, just like at any other time of life. Kids are happy when they read books with their mother and father. They like little things like smelling a Christmas tree or building a fort with a friend. 1,400 Things for Kids to […]

10 Benefits of Reading Aloud to Babies

Without the Motivation to Read, Children Don’t Read It is vital that nannies and au pairs read to children of every age to help kids develop the love of reading. In the book, Baby Read-Aloud Basics,Caroline J. Blackmore and Barbara Weston Ramirez they explain that without the motivation to read, children don’t read. In Baby […]

How Often Do You Clean Baby Toys?

How to Wash and Sanitize Toys Babies put everything in their mouths, including their toys. That’s why nannies and au pairs ought to quickly clean toys that the kids put in their mouths each day with a baby wipe or dish soap and water and caregivers need to sanitize all the children’s toys weekly. Don’t […]

What Does it Feel Like?

Creating Texture With Kids Texture is smoothness, roughness, softness, or slickness of an object. By the time kids are six-months-old they are naturally attracted to texture. Texture of a favorite blanket or stuffed animal can provide comfort to children. Teach the kids you care for about texture with the simple projects below. Tissue Paper Rubbings: Use […]

Nanny Confessions: Give Nannies the Credit They are Due

A Little Praise Can Go a Long Way My nanny confession today is that a little praise can go a long way. I confess when employers forget, or choose not to, credit their nannies for their hard work to others, it can create resentment. It can hurt employees’ feelings when they aren’t given the credit […]

Some Rules Can Be Broken As Long As You Are Honest About It

Respecting Professional Boundaries When working as a nanny I do my best to serve the children the foods the parents prefer their children eat. But, I admit, when we go out to eat with friends or visit other homes during meal times it’s sometimes hard to keep the kids on a strict diet. For example, some […]

Are You Required to Bathe The Children Left In Your Care?

Keeping Kids Safe in the Tub Bath time is a part of every child’s daily routine. Children love playing in the bathtub but nannies must carefully supervise children while bathing them. Below is a list of the most basic bath time safety precautions and helpful products to help ensure children have fun and are safe […]

Girls Will Be Girls by JoAnn Deak

Weekly Trip to the Library The three-year-old I care for has already had girls at preschool tell her the clothes she was wearing weren’t  cute and other girls have told her they don’t want to be her friend. At my previous nanny job the five-year-old girl in Kindergarten often came home crying because a girl […]