How to Wash the Hair of a Child that Doesn’t Like Getting Hair Washed

Products Nannies Love I have found that most young children that don’t want their hair washed actually just don’t like getting water on their face, eyes, nose, or mouth — especially unexpectedly. Here are ideas and products for making washing hair for toddlers easier. ROLE-PLAY: Children learn through playing so play and practice different styles […]

Puj Tub

Product Review Sunday Puj Edit (Pronounced, “Pudge”) was founded by Ben and Katie Richardson, a husband and wife design team with four kids of their own, with the singular goal of simplifying parenthood through great product design. While bathing their second baby, they knew there had to be an easier, safer, and better way to […]

Are You Required to Bathe The Children Left In Your Care?

Keeping Kids Safe in the Tub Bath time is a part of every child’s daily routine. Children love playing in the bathtub but nannies must carefully supervise children while bathing them. Below is a list of the most basic bath time safety precautions and helpful products to help ensure children have fun and are safe […]

Blooming Bath

Products Nannies Love It’s difficult to bath an infant in a typical bathtub so most nannies and parents bath infants in a sink. When bathing a baby in a sink, Blooming Bath creates an adorable, safe, fun, and convenient bath time experience for babies. The Blooming Bath’s plush materials cradle and cushion babies like no other […]