Blooming Bath

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It’s difficult to bath an infant in a typical bathtub so most nannies and parents bath infants in a sink.

When bathing a baby in a sink, Blooming Bath creates an adorable, safe, fun, and convenient bath time experience for babies. The Blooming Bath’s plush materials cradle and cushion babies like no other baby tub can. Forget about those hard plastic baby bath tubs or baby bath seats that are uncomfortable and don’t cradle your child during bath time. It’s a unique, easy, hassle-free experience that allows you to enjoy those special moments bathing infants.

Using and caring for the Blooming Bath couldn’t be easier. Push it into a sink and it creates the perfect cushioned cradle to wash babies. The Blooming Bath surrounds babies keeping them warm and feeling safe.

When finished, gently squeeze out the excess water and throw it in the dryer for 10-minutes or use the hanging loop to hang it to dry in the shower. Blooming bath is made using antimicrobial foam and a mesh back so there is no risk of mildew or mold. The only complaint I have heard about this product is that it is large when trying to store it flat.

But, older kids enjoy using the dry Blooming Bath as a floor pillow to lay down and read books or watch a movie on.

I highly recommend Blooming Bath and feel that it is priced just right. It makes a perfect baby shower gift too.

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